“An inexhaustible talent”

Sandra Ramón Villasau. El Venezolano de Broward. October 24, 2013




“Amazonia Vocal Ensemble, voices of southern Florida that unify and rejuvenate. Voices of porcelain … Singing unifying and nostalgic … Source of cultural identification and of youth … Mixture of luxuriance, humor, talent and solid vision that maintain alive the customs. With a delicious phrasing of poetry, heterogeneous and cult, they sing in Spanish, Portuguese, Quechua … and in English, bringing pieces of that land to United States They make to dance, laugh and mourn to their audience, filled with memorabilia enraptured with eternal lyrics which shifts the soul to the plains, mountains and neighborhoods of the Latin India… An amphetaminic chant that makes remember and at the same time to forget…”

Aurelio Moreno. Sun Sentinel. July 23, 2013




"A talented choral group on a musical tour about Latin America…Musical excellence… warm, emotional, masterly”

Sandra Ramón Villasau. El Venezolano de Broward. October and November 2012




“The artistic evolution that Amazonia has had in the past years can be observed in the development and harmony of their voices; standing out in this last performance under the experienced direction of Maestro Emilio Solé. They sing like angels, and stimulate our spirit…With all my heart, since I have followed your performances for many years and I considered myself one of your most enthusiastic fans, I wish you all to continue accumulating accomplishments.”

Raisa Méndez. Coordinator of Weston Library




“The talented choristers surprised us with the release of beautiful pieces of music in an evening of exquisite Latin American music with a new style even more polished and professional by the renowned Maestro Emilio Sole – Sempere.
An audience excited with this great group that with just over five years has managed to promote the choral music and the cultural latin american traditions with great talent.”

Sandra Ramón Villasau. El Venezolano de Broward. May 2013




“I had the great privilege, once again, of attending a presentation of Amazonia Vocal Ensemble.
There is no doubt in my mind that they are reaching new heights with each concert, and the sky is the limit.
This group has a lot to teach other groups of newcomers to this city, about reaching out and presenting their culture and their music for the good of the city.
My greetings and congratulations to Maestro and Director Emilio Solé, as well as to each member of the group.”

Elisa Todd. Cultural Coordinator. New Professions Technical Institute



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