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Amazonia’s Concert at Corpus Christi Catholic Church

The audience and critics state the performance of Amazonia and Amazonia Encore at the Corpus Christi Catholic Church to have been a spectacular event.

Celebrated in a holy place to express the most elevated feelings through music with unequivocal expressions of enjoyment and admiration.

Amazonia Vocal Ensemble and Amazonia Encore Chamber Choir walked the entire American geography in their memorable concert “SONGS FROM AMERICA, OUR MOTHER LAND”, under the conduction and Musical Direction of Emilio Solé – Sempere, with Cristian Grases as Artistic Director, Yasmira Martínez and Mackie Díaz as Assistant Conductors.

They performed a unique, broad and bold repertoire including exclusive original musical compositions and vocal arrangements, most of them by director Emilio Solé – Sempere. Covering the deep southern lands of the New World, a glimmer through Europe then moving on to Africa and North America.

Also performing ritual songs of the Pemon Indians of northern South America. As well as chords of the most poignant airs of folk and popular music found in Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, Peru, Spain, Jamaica, Africa and with two spectacular blues from the USA.

The concert that incorporated theatrical movement and acting was developed in a pedagogical and interesting way with comments in English and Spanish thorough several parts: Ancestors of Deep America, Mother Africa, A glimpse of Spain, The XXth Century, The XXIth Century, From the South: Argentina; Venezuela, the North of the South; Feeling Blue (Of the Land that embraced us all); An African breeze: The Caribbean; Venezuela, once again and America, our Motherland.

The concert concluded with a spectacular performance of the song CANCIÓN CON TODOS. (A song with everyone) A song which expresses the unity that must prevail amongst all Americans.

Really a wonderful performance with this vocal ensemble that is building up a prominent place among the best choirs in Miami and Florida, with AN unique approach of the Music of Latin America.


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