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Celestial Voices: Amazonia’s Christmas Concert at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

A spectacular success was the Christmas concert that Amazonia Vocal Ensemble (AVE) directed by Emilio Sole – Sempere gave in one of the landmarks that features the presentation of the best choirs in the United States in Miami as is the beautiful Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.

This Sunday December 8, International Day of Choral Singing and with an attendance which almost filled the capacity of the Cathedral, Amazonia displayed its incomparable art that make them day by day and step by step the top and best exponent of the Latin American Music especially the Choral Music, with arrangements and compositions especially made for AVE.

The repertoire, grew in intensity since the ancient airs of the sixteenth century Peru, to the melodies of the original inhabitants of America, our American Indians, to savory Cuban-influenced melodies , and the English interpretation of compositions as a tribute to the Great Nation that embraces us all.

Being a choir formed by amateur singers, all successful professionals in their respective fields, there was an abundance of interpretations of Venezuelan music with its distinctive sand beautiful cadences.

We see a huge progress over time in this amazing choir that gave this presentation to an audience that enjoyed enormously. AVE’s performance had an elegant staging that included instrumentation, soloists, impeccable conduction and the performance of a the chamber ensemble Amazonia Encore, with most special and delicate sensitivity. We will monitor this fascinating group representing one the best of Latin American traditions in their highest quality.

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