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Come to one of our rehearsals and talk to our singers! They can tell you best about what it is to be a member of our great organization and how Amazonia Vocal Ensemble has become a special part of each of their lives.


Getting to know you! the director of AMAZONIA Vocal Ensemble will have a short interview with you were you will perform a musical aural test to determine your vocal range.


Amazonia holds practice rehearsals every Saturday from 2pm to 5pm and at least one Saturday a month an individual practice for each vocal range group. Members are also required to attend other sectional rehearsals to focus on vocal techniques. Additionally we have extra rehearsals prior to scheduled performances. AMAZONIA will facilitate learning the repertoire with music and recordings for voice groups. We strive to memorize our repertoire so we can sing from the heart and not from a binder. 


It is truly an exhilarating experience to be a part of AMAZONIA Vocal Ensemble. We sing in many languages and dialects. Though Spanish is our principle language you also have the opportunity to sing in English, Papiamento, Creole, Portuguese, Quechua and many other languages and dialects from around the world. You will learn about the story behind the lyrics and what makes our music significant to its origin.


What do we expect from you? Enthusiasm and Commitment!


Join us! Let’s sing together!

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